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Renting a Dummy Wedding cake is the
economical way of having the cake of your dreams!

The prices of real wedding cakes have come to an all-time high.  By renting  a dummy wedding cake you can save hundreds of rands!  Dummy cakes can give you the look of a luxurious wedding cake without the enormous price tag. A large portion of a real wedding cake usually goes to waste because not every guest will actually eat cake. Dummy cakes are visually identical to real cakes.  You just can't eat them.  I cover them with real fondant icing and decorate them exactly like I would a real cake. 

Why rent a Dummy Cake instead of buying a real cake?

Excellent question!

1) Cost - For a standard three tiered real cake with a minimal amount of decorating, you are looking at a price starting at R2000.00.   When renting a dummy cake, the price will starts around R800. This is a significant cost savings.  Especially, when your venue will be providing a dessert for your guests. 

2) See what is your money getting you - You can view your dummy wedding cake before your wedding day.  With a real cake, you won't see your cake until it is time for you to enter the reception room that is already filled with guests.  With a dummy cake, you can make sure you are getting exactly what you want. 

3) Standing up to extreme climates or travelling long distances- Dummy cakes can with-stand hot temperatures, inside or outside.  They can be displayed the entire time of your reception.  There is no worry about the cake collapsing or icing melting. They are easy to transport, you don’t have to worry about bad roads and cakes collapsing. They look so real, your guests won't know its dummy.  

4) Go big - You can rent a large dummy wedding cake even if you are having a small function.  The larger the cake, the more attention it will grab.  Renting a dummy cake is an excellent way to have a large cake for display.

How do we cut the cake?

It is easy.  Have a small real cake placed behind the dummy cake at cutting time.  You pose for the photographs 'cutting' the dummy cake and then feed each other a piece of the real cake.  It is super easy and no one will notice that you haven't actually "cut" the wedding cake.  I can make the small real cake for this that can match the dummy cake design.

If I have a special design, can you make it?

Yes!  Let me know what you are looking for and I will design it and get your approval when completed.  Most three tiered custom-made dummy cakes will start at R800.00 to rent.

If I want to keep my wedding cake, can I?

Yes!  The cost to buy most of my pre-made  3 tiered dummy wedding cakes start at R1800.00.

How long in advance do I need to order a dummy wedding cake?

Typically, I would like to have one month to create your unique wedding cake.  However, I do have premade cakes that you can select with 2 days notice. 

Do you have any pre-designed cakes in stock?

Yes.  Please see the gallery below to see photos of the cakes that’s in stock.

Do you make real wedding cakes?

Yes.  I still make real cakes, this is just another option for the budget conscious bride.


 Please email me with your questions at riana@cakediva.co.za or call me at 082 412 9953.